Q: Why choose Bad Kitty Photography?

A: We are the best! Simple as that. And we aren't afraid to toot our own horn *BEEP BEEP*!

We are fun, energetic and REAL. We only specialize in boudoir photography - it's what we live and breathe everyday since 1997! Keep it classy, make it sassy or get down and dirty - the choice is yours and we'll rock it for ya! 

You will LOVE our staff of incredible all female photographers. Not only will you have breathtaking photos (that you will want to show to EVERYONE) but an experience with us can be empowering and life changing! It's fun!!!! Come play with us :-)


Q: What's the difference between Main Studio and Kitty City locations?

A: The main studios are located in San Diego, Philadelphia, Houston, Phoenix and New York City. They have wardrobe, shoes and jewelry. Each studio has the following sets: Bed, Shower, Spotlights, Black, Stained Glass, Natural Light and Hall of Pearls. There are also additional sets that are different from each location.

The Kitty Cities are fully furnished, gorgeous suites. The location changes every time. Sometimes we find a bomb hotel suite, sometimes we find stunning private homes! They will all have a bedroom, livingroom, natural light, bath and shower shooting spaces. Each is unique and we spare no expense when renting out the spaces for our luxe Kitty City shoots!

In main studio, we provide lingerie, shoes and accessories. In the Kitty Cities we provide the classics (corsets, babydolls and a few one pieces, black shoes and garter and stockings) and you are expected to provide the rest.

We typically will have black, white and red corsets. Thigh highs, garter belts and one piece lace stretch outfits. Black, nude and sparky shoes. It is always advised to bring outfits. Each studio has different items to choose from.

We do not supply undies, thongs or booty shorts - please bring your own bras and panty sets :-) This will assure that the fit is perfect and only your beautiful vajayjay have graced them.

Q: Will my photos ever be sold or used without my permission?

A: Absolutely not! Your privacy is very important to us and your photos will never be viewed by anyone else unless you want them to. All of our photos on this site are used with the documented permission of our clients. Your set will be held in the strictest of confidence and will NEVER be used inappropriately!


Q: How are the photos processed and is it safe?

A: Your photos are completely safe with us. They are stored on encrypted hard drives. We do not utilize or sell your photos. If you prefer, after you have ordered, we will completely delete the files from our systems. We typically save the photos for one year.


Q: What is the Blacklight Session?

A: Blacklight sessions are shot entirely in the dark, completely nude with your entire body covered in neon, day glow body paint. Beyond cool. It takes about an hour to apply the body make-up. Before you leave, you'll want to take a quick bath/shower to get most of it off. Bring clothing with you that you don't mind paint getting on! Available in Main studios only.

Q: How long does it take to proof and receive my photos?

A: General turn around time to view your photos is 3 days. You will book a viewing session after your photo shoot or with our Office Goddess. The viewing session will be done online, over a secure Zoom video call. During this session, you will be able to fully view your images and make your selections. Typically this appointment takes about an hour to an hour and a half, so please keep that in mind when setting the appointment.

After initial viewing, If you prefer to take your time, you can pre-pay for your package, and you will have your images online in a private gallery for one week. If you aren't sure what you would like to get, you can do a $200 deposit.


Q: Can I take a tour of the studio prior to booking?

A: Please call us to set an appointment where we will give you a full tour of our studio and speak to one of our awesome photographers. It is not recommended to simply "walk in" or stop by unannounced as it is a very busy, yet private, facility. You wouldn't want someone interrupting YOUR session, would ya? Nah, didn't think so.


Q: What's the best time of day to go to the beach? (San Diego & Houston only)

A: For the beach, we like to arrive no later than 12 noon. The sun and the tide seem to be perfect at this time. Weekdays are less busy than weekends.  


Q: Do you provide airbrushing and photo re-touching?

A: Damn skippy! We do like to keep the editing as light as possible so that it still looks like you and not some weird plastic mannequin. We take care of the basics like skin smoothing, pimple removal, cellulite removal, smooth out any spider veins or bruises, etc. From there, we ask you what YOU want.

We can get surgical with our photoshopping skill set, however, we much prefer to rely on our bomb ass photographer skills, good lighting, fun posing and proper fitting lingerie!

Tattoo removal - if you have a tat that you wish you never did (been there, done that) and it's relatively small - yes, we can remove it easily and at no cost. Now, if you have a full back piece and want us to remove it, that takes HOURS of editing time and you will be billed at $50 per hour. Or just use a corset.... :-)


Q: This is something I've never done before and I'm really nervous!

A: Everybody is nervous at first! You will find once you arrive, our environment is very relaxed and positive. By the time we select your lingerie and sets and get to know each other a little, you'll be energized and your nervousness will be transformed into excitement. Plus, the photographer will keep talking and dancing around to the house music until you are comfortable before shooting :-) It's less stressful than you might think and hella fun! 


Q: How sexy does the photo session get and do I have to pose nude?

A: Your session is always under your control - YOU decide what YOU want to do! You can shoot fully clothed, topless or fully nude. It's very difficult to shock any of us, so be honest about what you want to do. #NoJudgement - The level of freaky is your choice & we'll never tell :-)


Q: What about the Makeup?

A: Photographic make-up can look very drastic, but you have to remember that only HALF will actually show in the photos because of the lighting. We want the make-up to be fresh and sleek, not caked on, so please let us work our magic! 


If you love the look of thick lashes, (and who doesn't really?) We love the fake ones and are experts at putting them on!! They are including in the price of the make-up. 


Can't stand the idea of not doing your own? Please bring all the cosmetics you used with you & put it on heavier than usual. You MUST use foundation - powder or bare minerals will not be enough. AND, girls, please match your face to your body - a totally different color head on a body is just weird looking AND we can't fix it in Photoshop!


My beautiful women of color, this is for you: Yeah, we're a mostly white crew, but we know how to do your make-up - and don't worry, we have your foundation color! 

Q: How should I wear my hair?

A: Your hair should be styled in a way that would normally do it for an evening out. It is best to look like YOU! If you need some help making the best "You" come out, we provide hair styling services. We can do big fluffy hair, super sleek flat ironed styles, spiral curls, pin-up retro styles - we got mad skills.


Q: Do I bring my own lingerie and what kinds of item do you provide?

A: In Main Studios, we have a variety of women's lingerie in many sizes from 0 - 20. We mostly provide one pieces, teddy's, corsets and babydolls. We do not provide bra and panty sets, thongs or any kind of underwear - you must bring your own undies ladies!

If you have items to bring, we can mix and match your items with our items for the best result. We have lots of shoes and jewelry to help accessorize. It's always fun to bring props, military jackets, guitars, surf boards, cowboy boots, etc. If it's fun, it's in! If it's naughty even better!

In Kitty Cities, you can Video call us. We can bring outfits with us to your shoot when available! You must video chat with us AT LEAST 48 hours before your shoot so we can either bring it with us.With kitty cities, we bring only the following Corsets, one pieces and lace babydolls in S,M,L and XL and only in black.

Please bring your own nylon thigh highs please :-) We stock them, but they get ripped easily and we'd hate to not have good ones available on your day!  

For the germophobes: yes, we clean and sterilize everything that is used at our studio :-)


Q: How far in advance should I reserve my appointment?

A: Typically it takes about a week or two to get on the schedule, sometimes longer depending on the season. Christmas and Valentine's Day are VERY busy times, so plan to wait up to two/three weeks. Call us at the studio to check availability. Kitty Cities book up very quickly!


Q: Can I bring a friend or partner? What about kids?

A: We love friends, they can be fun, but they can be distracting too. Some friends are helpful and positive, others can be overbearing and anxiety inducing! Choose wisely who you bring!

Your FEMALE friend (just 1 max please) can stay with you during the make-up and outfit selection, but once the shoot begins, they will not be allowed to watch the photo shoot. 

However, please note that if your friend is distracting, bossy and/or irritating the crap out of your photographer, they will be asked to leave, and we aren't shy about asking.

When we are shooting our of hotels, friends can drop you off, but once the shoot begins, they will asked to leave or wait in the hotel bar or lobby, as the spaces aren't designed for lots of people.


Men are not allowed at the studio. 

Our studios are typically buzzing with lots of different women, and I'm sure they don't want to have a man they don't know there :-) The only time we make allowances for men is if he is joining for a maternity shoot. 

Do NOT bring children of any age to the studio. It is NOT okay, no exceptions. Adults only, 18 and older. 


Q: Do you photograph transgender women?

A: Why wouldn't we? FCK H8.


Q: Do I have to pay for everything up front, what are the fees if I reschedule?

A: Your session fee is prepaid in full up front in order to get on the calendar. You can do so over the phone with a credit or debit card and online via our Square account. We also take Venmo and Paypal!

Packages are purchased on your proof appointment day - after you see how hot you are! If you put down a viewing deposit to extend your gallery, this money will go toward your package. If you don't use it all, you will be refunded the difference.


Cancellation and Refund Policy:

There are no refunds on session fees even if you cancel your appointment. You may reschedule your appointment once with no penalty if you call us within 48 hours. To reschedule after that will cost an additional $40.00 each time you reschedule.

Same day cancellations will forfeit your session fee and you will be required to pay for an entirely new session - Be sure of your dates ladies!


Q: Does the session fee apply toward the packages?

A: No. They are 2 separate charges. The session fee is for the actual photo shoot and editing of your masterpieces. The packages are the actual photographs or album you want. There is no minimum purchase on your prints, you just get the ones you can't live without :-)


Q: Do you give special discounts?

A: Active Military and spouses of active military receive 10% off all our packages, with valid ID. It does not apply to the session fees.


Q: Do I tip my photographer?

A: You are not expected to tip your photographer, however, if you feel they went over and above, and rocked your session, you can leave a tip for your photographer. Cash to them, or add to your packages purchase at the end - More than anything - we love shout outs on our Facebook & Yelp Pages.

Thank You Cards - OMG! We love them. 

 And I have to add, we have the most awesome bathroom in San Diego :-)


Q: What about alcohol? 

A: If you are over 21, feel free to bring wine or champagne to the studio to enjoy while you are getting ready. Keep consumption light, otherwise you will look drunk in your photos!

It is not recommended to bring hard liquor, it seems to go down too easy, and then you will be drunk for your session! If we feel you may have had too much, you will be cut off :-)


If you have any other questions that we didn't think of here, please give us a call at 619-589-6494 and ask away!  

You can also email us in our general mailbox at kittycrew@badkittyphotography.com