Our Sets

 All our sets are named after women in history.

We have a total of 14 studio sets and shoot 2 on location!

Liza / Spotlights - named after Liza Minelli, Legendary actress and singer.

Juliette / Hall of Pearls - named after Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girls Scouts. To fund her endeavor, she sold a strand of rare pearls.

Frida / Stained Glass - named after Frida Kahlo, amazing and timeless painter famous for her self portraits.

Marilyn / Bedroom - named after Marilyn Monroe, the uncontested Queen of sexy.

Sally / Feathers - named after Sally Rand, burlesque performer and dancer who made famous the ostrich and feather dances.

Ms. Sherry / Dungeon - named after my mother, Sherry Kuhn, one of the most powerful women I have ever met.

Dita / Bubble Tub - named after Dita Von Tease, for her burlesque performances in an over sized martini glass and water.

Georgia / Blacklight - noted American painter famous for her provocative orchid paintings.

Lucille / Candy Bath Tub - named after Lucille Ball, actress, comedian, film executive and producer. Inspired by her classic candy factory scene.

Betty / Gold Upholstery - named after Betty White, our favorite golden girl.

Angela / Black Wood Split - named after Angela Davis, political activist, academic scholar and overall badass. Prominent counter culture activist in the 60’s.

Louise / Vintage Set - named after Louise Conley, my maternal grandmother, business woman and an absolute classic.

Isadora / Mirror- named after Isadora Duncan, pioneer of dance and is known as the “Mother of Modern Dance".

Coco / Vanity - named after fashion icon Coco Chanel.