Preparing for your Photo Shoot



Getting Ready for your shoot is easy peasy, just follow these basic guidelines and we'll do the rest!

  • Waxing is good 2 days before your shoot to avoid looking irritated. Shave the night or day before. Check the back area too!


  • Arrive in loose fitting clothing. This will avoid putting marks on your body. No bra, jeans, tight fitting clothing of any kind. This also includes elastic bands and socks. Yoga pants, loose dress, sweats and a loose top are great.


  • Bring your fuzzy slippers or warm socks. Our studio can be a little chilly! We will provide you a warm and comfy kitty robe.


  • If you are shooting at the beach, bring a towel with you! You will be getting wet.


  • Spray/Mystic/Airbrush tanning is fine as long as you go with a natural glow. If you are heavily spray tanned, you will appear orange or red in your photos. This cannot be corrected in lightroom or photoshop, so go lightly.


  • Bring any items from your closet with you that you wish to be photographed in. We have an extensive collection of shoes, jewelry and lingerie for you to use at no additional cost if you don't have much to choose from. 


  • Bring nylon thigh highs just in case. We stock numerous pairs, but they do get torn easily. We wouldn't want you to go without if we are having a particularly busy day.


  • It is recommended to all clients who are size 0-2 to bring items with you - we don't have as much in that size - especially thongs and corsets. Lingerie that tiny is super hard to find!


  • We LOVE fake eyelashes and are great at putting them on. We stock a variety of styles for your use, completely free of charge. 


  • If you are naturally large breasted (over DD) or naturally small breasted (under an A) please bring extra bras with you, just in case. 


  • Practice making your "sexy face" in the mirror! Yes, you will feel stupid, but it really helps!!!


  • Make a playlist for your iPod and we can play it during your session. Keep it upbeat and fun!


For those of you who are letting us do the make-up and/or hair:


  • Hair: Come with dry, one day dirty hair. It will hold a style better than squeaky clean hair. That being said, you know your hair - if one day dirty hair is greasy, girl wash it please!


  • Make-Up: Come with a clean, make-up free face.


For those of you who are doing your own make-up and/or hair:


  • Hair: Have your hair camera ready. Use too much hairspray, it's okay! If you need to come in rollers, that's fine.


  • Make-Up: Have your make-up on and camera ready. You must use a full coverage, liquid foundation. Powder will not be enough. If you look in the mirror afterward and feel like a drag queen, you've done your make-up right! Bring your cosmetics with you, just in case we need to add more :-)


Do not plan to arrive early to do your hair or make-up as we have a very busy studio and it is likely a station will not be available for you to do so.


If you have images from our website or from magazines, bring them with you to show your photographer your ideas for posing. This can also be helpful for make-up and hair ideas. If you are a Pinterest pinner - feel free to pin the crap out of our site and bring in your favorites!


Get ready to have fun and be playful - you are gonna have a blast!