The Kitty Crew!

 We are the coolest, weirdest, down to Earth, crazy, strong, funny, friendly, wild women dipped in awesome sauce, that we know! In other words, we're just like every other woman - complex, creative and empowered to embrace the skin we're in!

Our founder, Cinnamon, started the studio in 1997 out of a spare bedroom and her garage in San Diego.

Her daughter, Madison, joined the team in 2013, and in 2017, opened our second & third full service studios in Philadelphia & New York City! 

Since then, she and her crew have worked hard and grown together to create the amazing, nationwide photography studio we have today! 

Rocky was one of the first photographers to join the crew back in 2005, and is our main photographer in Phoenix and Tucson! 

Stacey and Skylar are also a dynamic mother daughter team, Skylar joining in 2008 and Stacey in 2010! Skylar is our main photographer in San Diego and Stacey is our post production goddess for all cities.

Alethea has worked in and out of the studio, as well as our official destination photographer since 2010, currently working the pacific northwest areas.

Ashley (Photographer/San Diego) and Candis (Office Goddess/San Diego), joined in 2017!


And introducing Kate, (Photographer/Las Vegas) - the newest member of the pride :-)

Spartacus, our studio mascot, has been a "kitty" since 2015. Recently added to the mascot crew, Sylvester the cat, a 12 year old rescue, residing in our New York Midtown Studio, since 2017.

So here's to the strong women! May we be them. May we know them, May we raise them.