What to Expect



Welcome Home!

You will be greeted by your photographer who is going to guide you through the whole process. You will be asked to verify your age (you have to be at least 18) by showing us your id. You will sign a form that states you are over 18 and that we are NOT authorized to use your photos unless you sign a release form. We will take a photo of you holding it. This is for your peace of mind :-) 


Selecting Sets and Outfits

Now we whisk you back to the studio and show you all our stuff. We have a ton of lingerie, shoes and accessories for you to use if you like. If you brought your stuff with you, we'll go through that too. Between what you have and what we have, we'll come up with the best choices for the sets you choose to work on. We lay everything out and talk about how you want to be photographed. We'll brainstorm your ideas and give you ours, as we have so many ideas!


Hair and Make-Up

If we are doing it, you show up with dry hair and no make-up. We'll show you ideas from our Hair and Makeup Menus, pick colors, match tones and get you gorgeous. Yes, we'll do it the way you want, not the way we want :-) and we listen! Ditto on the hair. If you have hair pieces for us to put in to give your hair volume, bring it in.

If you are doing your own hair and make-up, you show up camera ready. If we need to add a bit more make-up, we'll let you know what to do. Bring your cosmetics with you just in case.


During the Photo Shoot

Your photographer is going to guide you through all the poses by physically demonstrating them to you. It's a work out, so make sure to have a snack before you come in. We will put you in the right positions, shoot from the best angles and help you with the facial expressions. It's normal to feel stupid at first, or just a little awkward. We will focus on all the good and minimize anything you are uncomfortable with. Within a few clicks, you'll be working the camera like a pro.


After the Shoot

Once we have completed the session, you will make an appointment to come back to the studio to view your hot self. Editing takes a couple of days, so we will go over the schedule and see what works best for you.


If you prefer to view them online, you can pre-pay for your package and we'll create a secure online gallery for you to view them at your convenience. Hugs are an absolute requirement before you leave!

Don't forget to leave us a message on the bathroom wall!


Proofing Appointment - Viewing Your Finished Portraits

You will meet with a Kitty Crew Member to go over your photographs. We'll go over all the packages, printing or CD options and then you decide what you would like to purchase. Since we have a full production print lab on site, some of our packages are available the same day you order them as follows:

Individual Prints, Signature Series Books, Peek-A-Boo Albums, Little Black Books and Digital Files.

Everything else is ready within 7-10 business days.

While waiting for your package, feel free to write us a review on Yelp or Facebook!


After you leave

You're gonna wanna do it again and tell everyone you know.  Spread the word!